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Carrie Underwood


"The Champion" Music Video


Director: Jimmy Lynch / Rascal3 Creative
Lead Editor/Animation/Special Effects: Keith Walker / KW Creative
Color: Mark Mitchell / Magic Box Editorial


When Jimmy Lynch at Rascal3 Creative offered me the chance to work with him on a project, I jumped at the opportunity, even though I hadn't collaborated with him before. The project involved creating a music video for Carrie Underwood, a singer I greatly admired. Unfortunately, Carrie was in an accident, which meant we needed to come up with a new approach to her video. After brainstorming ideas, we decided to create a clip show featuring incredible individuals who embodied a champion mindset. We worked tirelessly to deliver the project on time, and our hard work paid off when Carrie won the CMT Female Music Video of the Year award. It was an incredible feeling to be a part of something that achieved such recognition, and it served as the starting point for continued collaboration with this team. I am immensely proud of what we accomplished together.



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