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Pax Per Bellum


Pax Per Bellum - Sizzle Reels


Producer/Writer: Sal Gonzelez
Producer/Writer: Deven Schei
Producer: Emily Gray
Director / Writer / Producer / DP / Editor/Animator / Sound Design and Mixing: Keith Walker


Sal Gonzalez, a close friend of mine, is not only a talented musician but also an inspirational figure and a Marine Corp veteran. Despite the injuries he sustained during his deployment, he has a remarkable outlook on life that has led him to become a public speaker and advocate for The Wounded Warrior Foundation. Along with Deven Schei, he founded Pax Per Bellum, an initiative aimed at sharing stories of wounded veterans who have overcome adversity. I had the privilege of working on two videos with them to help spread their message and I am grateful for the opportunity.



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