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Rush Charge


Rush Charge - Commercials and Marketing Assets


Director/Producer/DP/Animator/Designer: Keith Walker
Executive Producer: Brian Meehan
PA: Cami Wright
Production Partner: Built By Failure


Rush Charge is an exceptional company with a unique concept and an inspiring origin story. Founded by a dynamic pair of Greek twins, we aimed to showcase their magnetic personalities and captivating journey through our promotional campaign. In addition to producing high-quality content of broadcast standard specifically tailored for social media ads, we were also tasked with capturing b-roll and stills of their products that could be used on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Our efforts resulted in an extensive and captivating collection of content that positioned the company well for sustained audience engagement. Collaborating on this project was a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and we're thrilled to share some of the impressive results with you. Take a look!



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