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Turner and Thompson


Show Concept and Promo


Director/Writer/Producer/DP/Animator/Editor: Keith Walker
Producer: Lamont Coleman
Producer: Derek Britt/DB Goldline
Camera: Chuck Heron


I had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented music producer and songwriter, Lamont Coleman, in the past. His intuition for what stands out is always spot on. When he began working with Leah Turner and Tara Thompson and heard their unique story, he knew it would make for great television. After meeting with them myself, I was excited to jump in and write a short script for a sizzle, and followed them around with some cameras for a couple of days to create a show pitch. We brought in Derek Britt, the owner of DB Goldline, to help with the pitch and as soon as we gained some traction, Covid-19 hit and brought everything in entertainment to a standstill. When the pandemic had finally passed, Leah and Tara had changed their minds about pursuing the show, so unfortunately, the project was dead. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience that allowed us to create something meaningful and establish great relationships in the industry.

In terms of lessons learned, this experience has taught me the importance of being adaptable and prepared for unexpected events that can derail projects. Additionally, it reinforced the value of building strong connections in the industry, as these relationships can lead to new opportunities and collaborations in the future.



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